Eye Emergency


Eye Emergency services offered in Buena Park, CA

What is an eye emergency?

Eye emergencies include injuries, sudden vision impairment, eye pain, and other unpleasant symptoms that could indicate a serious problem. The Eye Tech Optometric Center team offers same-day, comprehensive eye exams with wide retinal imaging to get to the root cause of an eye problem and treat it promptly.

What constitutes an eye emergency?

Signs and symptoms of an eye emergency include:

  • Eye pain
  • Eye redness
  • An object stuck in the eye
  • Chemicals in eye
  • Sudden vision problems
  • Eye injury
  • Eye infection

If you’re unsure if your situation is an eye emergency, call the Eye Tech Optometric Center office, where friendly providers can happily assist you.

What should I do during an eye emergency?

During an eye emergency, it’s important to remain calm. If you struggle with vision problems, have a family member or friend drive you to the Eye Tech Optometric Center, where experienced specialists attend to you with little or no wait times. 

What happens during eye emergency visits?

The first priority during an eye emergency at Eye Tech Optometric Center is pain relief if it’s necessary. Your eye specialist reviews your symptoms and medical history and completes an eye exam. They offer wide retinal imaging to develop in-depth images of your eyes. You may also complete vision testing using eye charts or refraction testing.

Your optometrist then tailors a treatment that’s best for you. They offer prescription medications, eye drops, minor procedures, contact lenses, eyeglasses, and more. If you have a serious eye health issue or signs of a medical problem, your Eye Tech Optometric Center provider may refer you to another specialist.

Follow up with the Eye Tech Optometric Center team to ensure an injury or infection heals properly or vision correction solutions work effectively. Take all medications as directed by your provider and adopt healthy eye care practices at home. 

Avoid touching your eyes, properly manage diabetes if you have it, take vitamin supplements if your specialist asks you to, and always protect your eyes from the sun.

If you or a family member encounters an eye emergency, call the Eye Tech Optometric Center office, use the online booking feature, or simply walk-in today.