Dry Eye Treatment You Can Do at Home

May 23, 2023

dehydrated eyes

Some easy tips you can start at home to treat dry eyes.

First, let's go over the most common symptoms of dry eyes so that one can identify if that is what you are struggling with.

Common dry eye symptoms:
- redness
- teary eyes
- irritation
- foreign body sensation and grittiness 

Over-the-counter methods of treating dry eye

  1. Use preservative-free artificial tears throughout the day 3-5 times a day. Make sure to place them around where it is most visible (ex. office desk or workspace) 
  2. Warm compress every night. You can buy warm compress eye masks or make your own by using a clean unused sock and filling it up with uncooked white rice. Place the compress, either the mask or the sock, in the microwave for 30 seconds. Touch the compress to make sure it is not too hot before placing it on the eyes. It is best to put on your pillow as a reminder to use before you go to bed every night. This helps unblock some of your tear glands located right behind your eyelashes. 
  3. Take daily supplements that include vitamin A, vitamin C, fish oil, cod liver oil, flaxseed oil, and vitamin D. The oils help reduce inflammation in the eyes, which is one of the common reasons for dry eyes.

These are some of the at-home dry eye treatments you can do. Of course, before getting on any serious regiment, please consult a medical professional. If these treatments are not alleviating the symptoms, then there are other methods to treatment like dry eye medication and in office procedures. Please contact us to schedule an appointment for further treatment other than over the counter methods.