Additional Services


ServicesComprehensive Eye Exams

Here at Eye Tech Optometric Center, we want to ensure that your eyes are working properly by giving you a thorough comprehensive exam.
Comprehensive examinations are very important to your overall eye health. Many ocular problems do not show any signs or symptoms, so it is important to have the optometrist check on a regular basis.

ServicesContact Lens Exams

The field of optometry changes quickly, and now many more patients are able to enjoy the flexibility of wearing contact lenses to correct their vision.
Here at Eye Tech Optometric Center, we offer variety of contact lenses from the leading contact lens manufacturers, both soft and hard contacts. Whether you need contact lenses for single vision, astigmatism, or multifocal, we are able to accomodate.

ServicesHard to Fit Contacts

There are many different eye conditions that require specific kinds of contact lenses, but finding the right kind isn’t always easy. There are lenses designed for certain eye conditions, such as astigmatism, dry eyes, keratoconus, etc. but comfort is a very important aspect of correcting your vision, so be sure to find lenses that fit your eye properly.

  • Keratoconus lens - Utilizing our topography machine, we are able to dispense contacts for patients with eye condition called keratoconus which is a condition that makes the cornea shape like a cone, requiring specialty lenses.
  • Post-Corneal surgeries and transplant lens - Patients who undergo surgeries which replace the natural lens in the eyes may require specialty lenses post-surgery. Please inqure if this description fits your situation.
  • Orthokeratology lens - Special lenses developed to be worn while sleeping to halt the progression of myopia. Please see more under Myopia Management Section.
  • High astigmatism/toric lens - Patients with high astigmatism may require XR lenses which are custom lenses fitted for individual cases.

ServicesUrgent Eye Care

There are times when you may need immediate care for your eyes. Any time that you experience trauma to your eyes, you need to be seen. If you get anything in your eye, especially chemicals and foreign objects, you should be seen immediately to limit the potential damage to the eye.

ServicesGlaucoma Eye Exam/Treatment

Glaucoma describes eye disorders that involve damage to the optic nerve, which sends visual signals from your eye to your brain. This loss of nerve tissue can result in loss of vision.
At our office, we employ various services and tests to diagnose and monitor glaucoma conditions.

  • Gonioscopy
  • Visual Field
  • OCT Machine
  • Corneal Pachymetry

ServicesRefractive Eye Surgery

Eye Tech Optometric Center is partnered with various refractive eye surgery institutions that are among the nation's top.
We offer free consultations to all our patients. There are various refractive eye surgeries, while the list is not exhaustive, some of which are:

  • Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL)

Services Computer Vision Treatment

Computer Vision is a relatively new term within the optometry field and refers to eye problems associated with the prolonged use of computers and electronics that use a digital screen. Although it can be temporary, there are times when computer vision can strain the eyes to a degree that permanently affects your vision as well. An existing eye condition can worsen as the eyes try to focus and adjust to a computer screen and precautions should be taken if you spend long hours in front of a computer screen

ServicesMyopia Management

Here at Eye Tech Optometric Center, we are proud to offer myopia management treatments for our patients. With the increase of screen time especially among young patients, the chances of developing high myopia increases as well.
High myopia can potentially cause vision problems such as but not limited to retinal issues, macular degeneration, and/or glaucoma. Managing developing myopia at a young age is crucial for preventing vision problems. Patients receiving myopia management treatments at our office are monitored using the latest state-of-the-art machines.
We have a topography machine that is able to monitor the axial length of the eyes over time, allowing our patients to see for themselves the health benefits of myopia management. At our office, we offer various methods to manage myopia:

  • Orthokeratology, or "Ortho-K"
  • Mi-Sight Contact Lenses
  • Atropine Eye Drops